Foggy Nights

Billings MT day 2

Billings MT day 2 22:00

Well looks like I’m in the Shit. I got four people in my shop one brief case and a whole lot of trouble. Looks like dinner plates is the leader of a squad of ghost hunters, I.E the two geeks. duffle bag is a stunt man (yeah I said it) and we all want this case and the orb thats in it. Not much time here so I’ll be fast. We opened the case after we patched our selves up inside is a orb the size of a grape fruit. Every thing was fine until we opened the case. One of the geeks tries to up load a picture of the orb to her web site for more info. my computer melts and a few seconds later two mooks in a f-350 crash through my shop door. the geeks get hit I get flatened under the truck and they start shooting. Well I tend to get irritated when I get run over so I help the news guys handle them. well piss on it they took out “my” new car so we boost the truck. Looks like dinner plates took one in the head so we load him like fire wood. We hit the road looks like we’re headed to Round Up (yep real town) 40 miles north of here. If I live I’ll be back in touch.




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