Foggy Nights

Day 1b- Billings, Montana

SO we arrive at Letherambo’s shop. Looks like he’s a grease monkey. We take a few minutes to collect ourselves, as usual I’m on band-aid duty. Patching the group of us up this time takes up pretty much everything in my first aid kit. (Damn we really got beat up.) After we’ve recouped as much as we’re going to from this crap, we get around to introducing ourselves, turns out that leatherrambo is actually Vincent, a guy who “works for people”, sounds fishy but he just saved our lives so I’m not gonna press it, some people kill to keep their secrets. Duffelperv seems to be a stuntman by the name of Din, still think the duffel bag is weird, and anyone who runs TOWARDS a chain gange that just flipped a bus has to be SOME kind of perv; but he’s nice enough and we’re in the shit. Pleasantries aside, we finally get around to checking out what’s int he briefcase. As soon as Din sets it on the table I knew I needed it. Then, we opened it. Most of the interior was taken up by foam packing, the kind the cut the shape of the item being protected out and it fits into the slot. Inside the foam is a sphere, about the size of a grapefruit.It has lines of runes on them. It’s older than hell, literally. The language on here is something I’ve never seen before, it’s ancient, like some archaic version of cuneiform. Which would predate it before the righting of the Bible and the creation of the hell myth. It’s gorgeous. I need it, I don’t know why, but I just KNOW that it has some kind of power to it and that if we can figure it out, it will prove that the bump in the night ISN’T just our imagination. This thing IS supernatural. Unfortunately we don’t really get to do much about it know. Angel and me both took some pics of it, but when Gel went to upload them to our site and research them the file fried Vincent rig. I looked at it and all the circuits, cables, and connections had been WIELDED together.(Goddamn, what the hell kind of power surge was that? It didn’t hit the lights or anything else, just the computer….was the pictures? COULD it have been the pictures? It HAS to have been the pictures, but why?) So, that route is closed to us, we’re about to decide that we need to head on whenever a thick we here an engine roaring outside and a huge truck comes barreling in through the garage’s bay door. Thich cloying fog fills the building and as I’m flipping up over the hood of the truck,riding the wreckage of the door along with Gel, the scent of Jasmine is overwhelming almost. (Where the HELL are those flowers coming from?) We land in the bed of the truck, dazed and with the wind knocked out of us, and listen to the sound of the other screaming and banging around for a few seconds as we realize what’s going on. I glance over at Angel ad we both agree the should try to flip over the sides of the truck bed and jam the truck doors shut so that whoever is inside can’t get out. Rolling out on my side I grab a sledge and begin beating the door. First blow misses Din’s head by inches. (Ouch, watch it dumb ass, why don’t we try aiming next time?) My second blow lands and I hear the latch mechanism crunch almost before I hear a gun fire, from inside the truck cabin. Knowing the door won’t open I drop to the floor and freak out for a few seconds on almost getting shot AGAIN, tonight. (Oh, hey, Vincent is UNDER the truck, guess me and Angel didn’t get the worst hit after all. Wonder what the heck he’s doing looking around, not a great time to be studying underpinning for leaks.) Rolling up with my pistol out, I draw a line on one of the people in the truck, now fully convinced that they mean us harm. (The gunshot really was the biggest clue, after all, any drunk could have lost control of the their vehicle and plowed through a store front.) I glance in and aim just in time to see one of them jolt straight up as if he just got plugged into a 220v and then fold crumple. My shot misses the guy in the back, but a few seconds later he does the jolt spams thing too and is out.We deal with all the rogues eventually and realize that Jack got shot, in the head. I’m out of supplies and we’re freaked out now, these guys seem to have been HUNTING us, and found us right after we opened the briefcase. That’s not normal, and it sure the hell ain’t RIGHT. SO we nab their truck (They conveniently totaled Vincent’s crown vic) and head out, we stop at a rite aid and I stock up on supplies, then we hit the road. Swap the truck for a minivan we borrowed from some poor guy who’ll never know just how badly we needed it. (Shit man I’ve never stolen anything in my life, nothing major anyway. This is getting out of hand, but what the hell ELSE were we gonna do?) We drive out of town ditch the back seat in, well, a ditch. and hit the road again, we travel to a rest stop and I remove the bullet from Jack’s head. Now with everyone back awake and as good as we can get righ now, we start moving again. We have no idea how long it’ll take to be found again, or even IF we’ll be found again, but he can’t take another surprise right now so we’re gonna keep moving. Angel is still trying to figure out what’s up with our orb. (Ever the academic that one. Don’t get me wrong I’m dieing to know myself, and when it comes to it I’m just as hands with data and info management as she is, but I just prefer things with moving parts, oh yeah, and not getting shot, run over, chain whipped, or any of the other stuff that’s been going on today.) Gel doesn’t get any hits on her web searches, in desperation she decides to look up an old college professor of her’s who specialized in ancient Sumerian artifacts, if nothing else maybe he can identify the language on it and how we can use it. Turns out the guy is still in business, though not teaching, and lives close by. Looks like we’re headed to pay him a visit. Gonna have to crash at some point though, it’s still early in the day there’s been a lot of shit going on. Wake me when we get there.

Calvin’s Journal April 12, 2009



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