Foggy Nights

Day one 03:30 Billings MT

Day one billings MT

Joey droped me a line today, told me that we needed twelve cars by the end of the week processed for a mid sized shipment to L.A. just like Joey to leave me hanging with an order like this! Waiting till the last min was always Joey’s M.O He even offered to come with me to get the last unit, What a joke like i need a sniveling coke head following me around while I’m working. What ever I took the bus this time no point having to leave my car at the boost site. Billings bus route would have taken me right where I need to go this time too bad we had a hitch in the plan. I was kicked back in the back of the bus when I hear the driver shout somthing about some one being in the road. Next thing I know i’m laying in the aisle of the bus watching the world tilt as we turn over on our side. Great, time to get scarce not gonna talk to the cops tonight. Some suit in the middle row starts screaming “They found me oh god they found me” Yeah buddy it’s all about you I think as i dust glass off my jacket. I have just enough time to glance around for the first time at my fellow travelers before the glass in the front of the bus explodes and a pair of hands yanks the driver out the window. Well thats not a good sign. Drinver screams like he’s getting a colonosocpy with no lube. Guy in the suit starts screaming for help out the window he goes in a panic. Good luck pal I’m out of here. I run for the E-Exit. I see the other four passengers doing the same , funky looking group two what looks like computer programers some dude in a leather jacket with a duffle bag and a guy with what looks like dinner plates for eyes. We jump out the back door into the thickest fog I’ve ever seen. looking away down the road I see four punks standing in the fog, rough looking guys chains and pipe in hand looks like a post apocoliptic welcoming party. No problem man, I got to split I run for the front of the bus six more up here. Shit problem man. Four punks come at me, I throw a knife take one in the forehead he don’t fall. Big problem man. I scuffle with four drop two take a chain to the face and decide to rabbit. lets hope they trip on thier chains. On the way out I see guy in a suit dead in the street brief case tipped over in the street. I’ll be back for that don’t know why but I get the idea I need it. What the hell? What ever, They can’t catch me I ditch the punks and boost a ride somthing simple I need to get back and get that case. I gas it back to the bus still thick ass fog, I see only one of the passengers still accounted for drop from a chain swing to the head. Well I’m here now anyway maybe he had the case I roll up and pop a slug into punks one and two they drop passenger is dinner plate eyes he’s out but alive. three more survivers come out of the mist battered and busted but alive. Looks like duffle bag has the case in his bag he plays mime and i invite them back to my shop. What the hell I need the case and they might know whats going on. be sides I need an asprin any way.



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