Foggy Nights

Rayneford Mt.

A strange man contacts calvin while the party rests in the hospital his name is Gabe and he says that he can help the party. He tells Calvin to stay put stating that WE are on our way. Some time later Gabe and his group make contact with Calvin again saying that they are in town and need to speak to them about thier problems. Gabe shows in person in a hotel room in the town telling the party about the strange orb they have found and instructing them that the orb had chosen them for this adventure. The orb is called the orb of Akuss and is linked to many of the most violent wars of man kinds history. He says the orb’s influnce cycles over the years. At every peak of the orb’s powers war has broken out with the leaders of the world fighting at the orb’s beck and call. Gabe tells the party that if he or his people interfere any more than they already have that the orb will vanish leaving the world to devolve into chaos. History shows that every time out siders not chosen by the orb interfere that war rages uncontrolled across the populated world most noted events of this nature are the world wars. Gabe also tells the party that the Minotaur has also been chosen by the orb and that the most worthy of the chosen will claim the orb. The party decides that they must chase the Minotaur into his lair in order to claim the orb.



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