Foggy Nights

Raynesford MT day 6?

Raynesford MT day 6?

Alright I’m aliive, sort of. I’m in Raynesford hospital. I look like the mummy and I feel like the floor of a taxie cab. We all survived by the looks of things. A nurse with a great rack comes by and drops me some feel good pills, I’m gone again. I wake up just long enough to get the story we’re going to tell the cops when they show (whatever). Lost in the ghetto, really? Alright I’m in for lack of a better cover and give a damn. I drift in and out of reality for a time before some guy named Gabe comes to talk to Calvin about what we’re into. I’m a little doped up but I get the gist. Big and hairy is a minotaur, the orb is the orb of Akuss makes good people better bad people worse and weak people into freaks, got it. I’m going to bail on you guys for awile I need to rest.




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