Foggy Nights

Round Up Mt day 3 06:00

I’m getting really tired of weird shit going down. On top of the punks in Billings the thugs in my shop and getting run over I get to deal with giant horned creatures living in basements. So heres the run down. Female geek has a line on an old teacher from geek school who studies some dead cultures, uh culture. So geek one and two are all for going to this guys house in Round Up. What ever I’m game I got no shop now no jobs to do I lost the boost deal from Joey for this shit so I’m all in. I just hope I can make it up to the family. So we get to this guys place around 01:00 and see all the lights are out (shocker) dude won’t pick up the phone so we go to knock guy’s got a broken window I’m ready to bail but duffle bag wants to explore(no problem man). I like duffle bag alright so I go with him male geek tags along. we go around the back see the doors broken out of the frame(small problem man). We search the ground floor find some blood in the den, I get ready to bail duffle bag wants to keep searching. Top floor office is ransacked geek gets some stays here to take pictures and nose around duffle bag wants to see the basement. OK see my last statment about duffle bag (I’ll have to learn these names soon) we go to the basement stairs. Duffle Bag makes it about half way down before something rips the stairs out from under him (big problem dude) Duffle Bag goes flying pretty sure he’s dead until he calls for help out of the dark lights don’t work down there our only flash light is in geek’s hand. Geek runs down stairs and lowers his light on some tape like a rope. Bad luck for Duffle Bag tho it lights him up in the dark. We hear a scream and a shot gum blast some struggling and here comes Duffle Bag jumping for the hole. Bad luck again he don’t make it so I grab him and yank him out. We rabbit out the broken window just ahead of billy bad ass as he explodes out the wall of the house. He’s huge, got horns and every thing we jet to the van and try to get away. Dinner Plates is driving he don’t look spooked for once bad sign. Female geek (I think her name is Angle) is screaming drive. Dinner Plates jumps the car to forty. Horny keeps pace, Dinner Plates stops and screams hold on throws it in reverse guns it. Hell no not this white boy I bail right behind Male geek and Duffle Bag. Angle tries but like a good girl has her seat belt buckled I can still see her Fighting with her seat belt as the van crashes into the creature. I can see Dinner Plates Jack I think his name was looking over his shoulder hard faced snarling as he speeds them both to thier deaths. Too bad about them I might have liked them both if I had had the time. The impact was bad, they both died instantly the creature shakes it off takes the orb and run for the hills. They might have been mooks, But they were MY mooks I can;t just let that stand I’m in for the haul. I learned some names after that Male Geek turns out to be Calvin, and Duffle Bag is Din. It’s time we stoped running and started find things out.




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