Foggy Nights

LewisTown MT day 4

Vincent Lewistown day 4

My weird shit’o’meter is peaked out at this point. We chase big and hairy to Lewistown before we have to stop for some rest. We swing into a motel six around 12:00am. Not gonna spend the night with three dudes I don’t know just yet, so to avoid a broke back moutain situation I get my own room. We manage to get a good nights sleep before heading out. The bitch of it is we don’t know where to go. Grab my gear and hope we get to a store to get more clothes soon I’m looking rough these days no clean clothes, and my jacket smells like fear sweat (A.K.A crack head). I step out of my room hoping somthing goes right today, as I step out and look right then left I see my crew and two strangers walking out at the same time (Thats odd). Calvin looks at one of the strangers and calls Jack’s name. What the hell? Maybe he took one to the head last night I turn to tell him Jack’s dead but strange guy dodges back into his room. Great first thing in the morning I’m gonna have to kill somebody already. I get the skinny on the fact that this guy is Jack’s little brother (no joke you can’t write this stuff). The girl is Deliah (yeah I said it) she picked him up on the road as she was drawn to us (who comes up with this shit George Lucas?). So after we tell Jack about Jack (unreal this crap) Calvin, who seems to be driving this train at this point decides to hook up with the new mooks. What ever, I boosted a old farm truck to get us here any way, so we load into her retal car. she says we have to drive west, fast. I can do fast, so we jet thru a couple of towns before she directs us to Raynesford. We roll thru the city she directs us thru the streets to a ghetto hood. Weird tho no thugs on the street, no hookers, no cops. The house she takes us to is classic white flight victim, big plantion style beast, boards over the windows, grafitti on the walls. Deliah tells us the orb is in the house. New Jack jumps out and starts toward the house (guy has a death wish I guess) his brother saved our lives so I’ll roll with him for awhile. Calvin scrambles out with us. We get to the front door new Jack turns to me and asks if I have his back. I got news for ya pal I ain’t dying for you. Sure I say, we head in. The whole house is walled off like a maze or somthing. Four floors of maze, perfect. In every room and hall way people are standing around in groups staring at the floor panting like they were running or somthing. No one looks at us as we move through, no one moves from the groups they are in. I’m a little freaked out at this point but new Jack seems to want to keeps going (big biker looking dude not afraid of some crack heads I guess). We head to the basement new Jack in front. This place has two basements what kind of horror movie crap is that? Basement two is made up like some kind of temple or somthing. The air here is stale and wet, the house has taken on a weird humming feeling like a giant bee hive. On the alter at the back of the “temple” is our orb. Big and hairy is nowhere to be seen. A bunch of crack heads are sitting in the benches rocking back and forth chanting filling the room with weird music. New Jack walks to one and slashes his throught (what the fuck?!). I rabbit for the door but not before I see the crack heads stop rocking and chanting and start humming. I rabbit for the van sorry new Jack I don’t know you like that. On the way out I see all the crack heads doing the same thing. I stop at the door and wait. A few minutes go by and here comes new Jack and Calvin closely followed by a hoard of crack heads. I rabbit for the truck Deliah and Din are starting the truck, we dive in just ahead of the crack heads. I CH grabs new Jack and tries to pull him out of the car, two on the trunk, and one on the hood. (Shit) the windshield explodes and Din fights for the wheel as the back glass explodes to. we start to spin as the world devolves into screaming metal and shattering glass. I take a shard of glass in the side I feel blood begin to gush. The CH’s are gone but DSin is out. New Jack jumps behind the wheel but we’re caught by more freaks one on the hood one on the trunk. Jack gases it I have Din laying across my lap. I grab his gun and fire into the freaks chest blood sprays all over me. No change in the freak (are you kidding me! Really!) new Jack sticks his freak with a pig sticker and slams on the brakes. My freak flys into the car landing between the seats and bites a plug out of Deliah’s leg. I use my stun gun on him and he drops. Deliah’s out, Din’s out, I’m all fucked up, and our lives are in the hands of a leather wearing beard sporting stranger, great, perfect wonderful we’re all going to die I think as I fall into the blackness. The long kiss goodnight baby I’m out of here



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