Vincent Briskoff

Strange Chop shop owner


Str 17 Dex 18 Con 17 Int 18 Wis 15 Cha 16

Hp 11

Ac 18

Fort 3 Ref 5 Will 2


Son of a New York car thief Vicktor learned early it was steal or starve. Taking his fathers skills to the next level Vicktor open a automotive shop in the small town of Billings Montana taking legal repair jobs to cover for his Stop and chop car recovery industry. His ability to stay under the law’s radar and his ability to keep his mouth closed earned him small time recovery jobs from the new york mafia transporting drugs and guns from new york to the west coast with out a hitch. Specilizing in small shipments nothing that won’t fit in the trunk of his car Vicktor makes a modest living with minimal risk.

Vincent Briskoff

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