Calvin Devaunt

Tech guy for the amature ghost chasers "Something Strange"



Smart: 1 Fast: 1 Tough: 1


Str: 13 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int: 18 Wis: 15 Cha: 14

HP: 35

AC: 18

Fort: 5 Ref: 4 Will:3


Son of a wealthy-ish family in a small town in Tennessee. A big fish in a small pond all his life Calvin always liked the oddball stuff and usually had the means to persue an interest. After highschool and a little college Calvin came to realize that his high status in a small backwater didn’t equate to much of anything outside his hometown. Obviously he wasn’t as well off as he had always been led to believe, yet he was still able to, for the most part, persue his own interests at will, even if he didn’t live a life of luxury. Finding that he now desired to make some kind of mark of distinction for himself in the bigger world he decided to leave his college life behind to take online courses for technical engineering, and other co-op related fields, as well as to satisfy his love of the strange. Meeting up with a Jack M. Sanders and an Angelique St. James both with similar interests. Together they began doing amature investigations into the paranormal. Over a period of a couple years they put together a website and though dedication, inquisation, and sheer charisma built up a community of about 150 regular followers, of both the supportive and detractive variety. It kept the forums active and their calanders full. Between advertising, their own ingenuity, and Angel’s elitest parents our trio made a fair living. Then they got a great chance. An invitation from a Satalite TV Network to tour, BOTH and old “Haunted” fronteer brothel house as well as the ruins on a old Soux indian village in the same town for anything of interest on the site, and then submite their work for consideration in a contest. With full gear bags and high hopes our group of adventurers set out for what they hoped to be their make-it or break-it trip to the midwest.

Calvin Devaunt

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