Foggy Nights

Rayneford Mt.

A strange man contacts calvin while the party rests in the hospital his name is Gabe and he says that he can help the party. He tells Calvin to stay put stating that WE are on our way. Some time later Gabe and his group make contact with Calvin again saying that they are in town and need to speak to them about thier problems. Gabe shows in person in a hotel room in the town telling the party about the strange orb they have found and instructing them that the orb had chosen them for this adventure. The orb is called the orb of Akuss and is linked to many of the most violent wars of man kinds history. He says the orb’s influnce cycles over the years. At every peak of the orb’s powers war has broken out with the leaders of the world fighting at the orb’s beck and call. Gabe tells the party that if he or his people interfere any more than they already have that the orb will vanish leaving the world to devolve into chaos. History shows that every time out siders not chosen by the orb interfere that war rages uncontrolled across the populated world most noted events of this nature are the world wars. Gabe also tells the party that the Minotaur has also been chosen by the orb and that the most worthy of the chosen will claim the orb. The party decides that they must chase the Minotaur into his lair in order to claim the orb.

MT week 2
MT week 2

At this point Vincent stops reporting in his journal for a time. The week passes slowly with few attacks. Vincent and Calvin were the luckly two in the passing days as they were mostly unscathed although the party encountered many more of the Influenced along the path to recovery. There followed a series of attacks on the party in a mash store a walmart and a library. Din preforms a heroic act by saving a baby from one of the Influenced in walmart. He takes a terrible bite wound in the process but in the end becomes the hero everyone needed at the time. The party gathers in a hotel in Grand Rapids Montana and prepares thier assualt on the minotaurs labrinth in Raynesford.

Raynesford MT day 6?
Raynesford MT day 6?

Alright I’m aliive, sort of. I’m in Raynesford hospital. I look like the mummy and I feel like the floor of a taxie cab. We all survived by the looks of things. A nurse with a great rack comes by and drops me some feel good pills, I’m gone again. I wake up just long enough to get the story we’re going to tell the cops when they show (whatever). Lost in the ghetto, really? Alright I’m in for lack of a better cover and give a damn. I drift in and out of reality for a time before some guy named Gabe comes to talk to Calvin about what we’re into. I’m a little doped up but I get the gist. Big and hairy is a minotaur, the orb is the orb of Akuss makes good people better bad people worse and weak people into freaks, got it. I’m going to bail on you guys for awile I need to rest.


LewisTown MT day 4
Vincent Lewistown day 4

My weird shit’o’meter is peaked out at this point. We chase big and hairy to Lewistown before we have to stop for some rest. We swing into a motel six around 12:00am. Not gonna spend the night with three dudes I don’t know just yet, so to avoid a broke back moutain situation I get my own room. We manage to get a good nights sleep before heading out. The bitch of it is we don’t know where to go. Grab my gear and hope we get to a store to get more clothes soon I’m looking rough these days no clean clothes, and my jacket smells like fear sweat (A.K.A crack head). I step out of my room hoping somthing goes right today, as I step out and look right then left I see my crew and two strangers walking out at the same time (Thats odd). Calvin looks at one of the strangers and calls Jack’s name. What the hell? Maybe he took one to the head last night I turn to tell him Jack’s dead but strange guy dodges back into his room. Great first thing in the morning I’m gonna have to kill somebody already. I get the skinny on the fact that this guy is Jack’s little brother (no joke you can’t write this stuff). The girl is Deliah (yeah I said it) she picked him up on the road as she was drawn to us (who comes up with this shit George Lucas?). So after we tell Jack about Jack (unreal this crap) Calvin, who seems to be driving this train at this point decides to hook up with the new mooks. What ever, I boosted a old farm truck to get us here any way, so we load into her retal car. she says we have to drive west, fast. I can do fast, so we jet thru a couple of towns before she directs us to Raynesford. We roll thru the city she directs us thru the streets to a ghetto hood. Weird tho no thugs on the street, no hookers, no cops. The house she takes us to is classic white flight victim, big plantion style beast, boards over the windows, grafitti on the walls. Deliah tells us the orb is in the house. New Jack jumps out and starts toward the house (guy has a death wish I guess) his brother saved our lives so I’ll roll with him for awhile. Calvin scrambles out with us. We get to the front door new Jack turns to me and asks if I have his back. I got news for ya pal I ain’t dying for you. Sure I say, we head in. The whole house is walled off like a maze or somthing. Four floors of maze, perfect. In every room and hall way people are standing around in groups staring at the floor panting like they were running or somthing. No one looks at us as we move through, no one moves from the groups they are in. I’m a little freaked out at this point but new Jack seems to want to keeps going (big biker looking dude not afraid of some crack heads I guess). We head to the basement new Jack in front. This place has two basements what kind of horror movie crap is that? Basement two is made up like some kind of temple or somthing. The air here is stale and wet, the house has taken on a weird humming feeling like a giant bee hive. On the alter at the back of the “temple” is our orb. Big and hairy is nowhere to be seen. A bunch of crack heads are sitting in the benches rocking back and forth chanting filling the room with weird music. New Jack walks to one and slashes his throught (what the fuck?!). I rabbit for the door but not before I see the crack heads stop rocking and chanting and start humming. I rabbit for the van sorry new Jack I don’t know you like that. On the way out I see all the crack heads doing the same thing. I stop at the door and wait. A few minutes go by and here comes new Jack and Calvin closely followed by a hoard of crack heads. I rabbit for the truck Deliah and Din are starting the truck, we dive in just ahead of the crack heads. I CH grabs new Jack and tries to pull him out of the car, two on the trunk, and one on the hood. (Shit) the windshield explodes and Din fights for the wheel as the back glass explodes to. we start to spin as the world devolves into screaming metal and shattering glass. I take a shard of glass in the side I feel blood begin to gush. The CH’s are gone but DSin is out. New Jack jumps behind the wheel but we’re caught by more freaks one on the hood one on the trunk. Jack gases it I have Din laying across my lap. I grab his gun and fire into the freaks chest blood sprays all over me. No change in the freak (are you kidding me! Really!) new Jack sticks his freak with a pig sticker and slams on the brakes. My freak flys into the car landing between the seats and bites a plug out of Deliah’s leg. I use my stun gun on him and he drops. Deliah’s out, Din’s out, I’m all fucked up, and our lives are in the hands of a leather wearing beard sporting stranger, great, perfect wonderful we’re all going to die I think as I fall into the blackness. The long kiss goodnight baby I’m out of here

Round Up Mt day 3 06:00

I’m getting really tired of weird shit going down. On top of the punks in Billings the thugs in my shop and getting run over I get to deal with giant horned creatures living in basements. So heres the run down. Female geek has a line on an old teacher from geek school who studies some dead cultures, uh culture. So geek one and two are all for going to this guys house in Round Up. What ever I’m game I got no shop now no jobs to do I lost the boost deal from Joey for this shit so I’m all in. I just hope I can make it up to the family. So we get to this guys place around 01:00 and see all the lights are out (shocker) dude won’t pick up the phone so we go to knock guy’s got a broken window I’m ready to bail but duffle bag wants to explore(no problem man). I like duffle bag alright so I go with him male geek tags along. we go around the back see the doors broken out of the frame(small problem man). We search the ground floor find some blood in the den, I get ready to bail duffle bag wants to keep searching. Top floor office is ransacked geek gets some stays here to take pictures and nose around duffle bag wants to see the basement. OK see my last statment about duffle bag (I’ll have to learn these names soon) we go to the basement stairs. Duffle Bag makes it about half way down before something rips the stairs out from under him (big problem dude) Duffle Bag goes flying pretty sure he’s dead until he calls for help out of the dark lights don’t work down there our only flash light is in geek’s hand. Geek runs down stairs and lowers his light on some tape like a rope. Bad luck for Duffle Bag tho it lights him up in the dark. We hear a scream and a shot gum blast some struggling and here comes Duffle Bag jumping for the hole. Bad luck again he don’t make it so I grab him and yank him out. We rabbit out the broken window just ahead of billy bad ass as he explodes out the wall of the house. He’s huge, got horns and every thing we jet to the van and try to get away. Dinner Plates is driving he don’t look spooked for once bad sign. Female geek (I think her name is Angle) is screaming drive. Dinner Plates jumps the car to forty. Horny keeps pace, Dinner Plates stops and screams hold on throws it in reverse guns it. Hell no not this white boy I bail right behind Male geek and Duffle Bag. Angle tries but like a good girl has her seat belt buckled I can still see her Fighting with her seat belt as the van crashes into the creature. I can see Dinner Plates Jack I think his name was looking over his shoulder hard faced snarling as he speeds them both to thier deaths. Too bad about them I might have liked them both if I had had the time. The impact was bad, they both died instantly the creature shakes it off takes the orb and run for the hills. They might have been mooks, But they were MY mooks I can;t just let that stand I’m in for the haul. I learned some names after that Male Geek turns out to be Calvin, and Duffle Bag is Din. It’s time we stoped running and started find things out.


Day 1b- Billings, Montana

SO we arrive at Letherambo’s shop. Looks like he’s a grease monkey. We take a few minutes to collect ourselves, as usual I’m on band-aid duty. Patching the group of us up this time takes up pretty much everything in my first aid kit. (Damn we really got beat up.) After we’ve recouped as much as we’re going to from this crap, we get around to introducing ourselves, turns out that leatherrambo is actually Vincent, a guy who “works for people”, sounds fishy but he just saved our lives so I’m not gonna press it, some people kill to keep their secrets. Duffelperv seems to be a stuntman by the name of Din, still think the duffel bag is weird, and anyone who runs TOWARDS a chain gange that just flipped a bus has to be SOME kind of perv; but he’s nice enough and we’re in the shit. Pleasantries aside, we finally get around to checking out what’s int he briefcase. As soon as Din sets it on the table I knew I needed it. Then, we opened it. Most of the interior was taken up by foam packing, the kind the cut the shape of the item being protected out and it fits into the slot. Inside the foam is a sphere, about the size of a grapefruit.It has lines of runes on them. It’s older than hell, literally. The language on here is something I’ve never seen before, it’s ancient, like some archaic version of cuneiform. Which would predate it before the righting of the Bible and the creation of the hell myth. It’s gorgeous. I need it, I don’t know why, but I just KNOW that it has some kind of power to it and that if we can figure it out, it will prove that the bump in the night ISN’T just our imagination. This thing IS supernatural. Unfortunately we don’t really get to do much about it know. Angel and me both took some pics of it, but when Gel went to upload them to our site and research them the file fried Vincent rig. I looked at it and all the circuits, cables, and connections had been WIELDED together.(Goddamn, what the hell kind of power surge was that? It didn’t hit the lights or anything else, just the computer….was the pictures? COULD it have been the pictures? It HAS to have been the pictures, but why?) So, that route is closed to us, we’re about to decide that we need to head on whenever a thick we here an engine roaring outside and a huge truck comes barreling in through the garage’s bay door. Thich cloying fog fills the building and as I’m flipping up over the hood of the truck,riding the wreckage of the door along with Gel, the scent of Jasmine is overwhelming almost. (Where the HELL are those flowers coming from?) We land in the bed of the truck, dazed and with the wind knocked out of us, and listen to the sound of the other screaming and banging around for a few seconds as we realize what’s going on. I glance over at Angel ad we both agree the should try to flip over the sides of the truck bed and jam the truck doors shut so that whoever is inside can’t get out. Rolling out on my side I grab a sledge and begin beating the door. First blow misses Din’s head by inches. (Ouch, watch it dumb ass, why don’t we try aiming next time?) My second blow lands and I hear the latch mechanism crunch almost before I hear a gun fire, from inside the truck cabin. Knowing the door won’t open I drop to the floor and freak out for a few seconds on almost getting shot AGAIN, tonight. (Oh, hey, Vincent is UNDER the truck, guess me and Angel didn’t get the worst hit after all. Wonder what the heck he’s doing looking around, not a great time to be studying underpinning for leaks.) Rolling up with my pistol out, I draw a line on one of the people in the truck, now fully convinced that they mean us harm. (The gunshot really was the biggest clue, after all, any drunk could have lost control of the their vehicle and plowed through a store front.) I glance in and aim just in time to see one of them jolt straight up as if he just got plugged into a 220v and then fold crumple. My shot misses the guy in the back, but a few seconds later he does the jolt spams thing too and is out.We deal with all the rogues eventually and realize that Jack got shot, in the head. I’m out of supplies and we’re freaked out now, these guys seem to have been HUNTING us, and found us right after we opened the briefcase. That’s not normal, and it sure the hell ain’t RIGHT. SO we nab their truck (They conveniently totaled Vincent’s crown vic) and head out, we stop at a rite aid and I stock up on supplies, then we hit the road. Swap the truck for a minivan we borrowed from some poor guy who’ll never know just how badly we needed it. (Shit man I’ve never stolen anything in my life, nothing major anyway. This is getting out of hand, but what the hell ELSE were we gonna do?) We drive out of town ditch the back seat in, well, a ditch. and hit the road again, we travel to a rest stop and I remove the bullet from Jack’s head. Now with everyone back awake and as good as we can get righ now, we start moving again. We have no idea how long it’ll take to be found again, or even IF we’ll be found again, but he can’t take another surprise right now so we’re gonna keep moving. Angel is still trying to figure out what’s up with our orb. (Ever the academic that one. Don’t get me wrong I’m dieing to know myself, and when it comes to it I’m just as hands with data and info management as she is, but I just prefer things with moving parts, oh yeah, and not getting shot, run over, chain whipped, or any of the other stuff that’s been going on today.) Gel doesn’t get any hits on her web searches, in desperation she decides to look up an old college professor of her’s who specialized in ancient Sumerian artifacts, if nothing else maybe he can identify the language on it and how we can use it. Turns out the guy is still in business, though not teaching, and lives close by. Looks like we’re headed to pay him a visit. Gonna have to crash at some point though, it’s still early in the day there’s been a lot of shit going on. Wake me when we get there.

Calvin’s Journal April 12, 2009

Billings MT day 2
Billings MT day 2 22:00

Well looks like I’m in the Shit. I got four people in my shop one brief case and a whole lot of trouble. Looks like dinner plates is the leader of a squad of ghost hunters, I.E the two geeks. duffle bag is a stunt man (yeah I said it) and we all want this case and the orb thats in it. Not much time here so I’ll be fast. We opened the case after we patched our selves up inside is a orb the size of a grape fruit. Every thing was fine until we opened the case. One of the geeks tries to up load a picture of the orb to her web site for more info. my computer melts and a few seconds later two mooks in a f-350 crash through my shop door. the geeks get hit I get flatened under the truck and they start shooting. Well I tend to get irritated when I get run over so I help the news guys handle them. well piss on it they took out “my” new car so we boost the truck. Looks like dinner plates took one in the head so we load him like fire wood. We hit the road looks like we’re headed to Round Up (yep real town) 40 miles north of here. If I live I’ll be back in touch.


Billings MT, Day 1a

It’s 3:30am….WHY is it 3:30am? Jack said he wants an early start, it’s gonna take a few hours to get to the Soux site, and then we have to scout it out, read up on the data there for us, and descide where to set up our gear, then we have to come back into town to check out the brothel house after the mayor has had time to get to his office and get the paperwork ready for us sign away our right to sue him if the thing collapses on our heads. Yippie. Ah well, I should get alot of great shots today either way, the area around the Soux ruins is virtually untouched, not to mention getting to go into the ruins themselves and get up close pics of an actualy archeological dig site. It’s gonna be fun…after it STOPS being 3:30a…..what was that?

I feel the bus lurch and the driver start swearing, something about people in the road…?

Looks like the driver’s about to go all mad black woman on them. Wasting his time. Prolly just a bunch of college kids on spring break, bars closed about 30 minutes ago, they’ll just be pissed off, stumble away, and not remember almost dieing in a bus wreck by 1:00pm- WHAT THE FREAKING EL?!

I feel the bus turning under my feet. I realise we’re tipping over. Some suite and tie in the back is having a panick attack screaming “They found me!”and “We’re all gonna die” Sounds a little melodramatic to me, wait…that’s Jack screaming we’re gonna die. Fearless leader all right. As the bus is going over I grab my stuff, the equipment is too expensie to let get knocked around, and the tool box’s weigh too much for me to allow them to become projectiles. We come to more or less of a safe landing and theres a brief moment of silence, then a window shatters, the suite is missing and the bus driver gets rippped though the widshield. Jack’s ripping the emergenc door off of it’s hinges, Angel’s behind him. Some creepy guy with a duffel bag is slinking TOWARDS the front of the buss Huh? Perv. Prolly has some kind of blood and gore fetish. I’m with Jack,it’s time to go. Though I doubt we’re all going to die. Some guy in leather jacket just through a knife. Now I’m in a hurry to leave. What the hell is this? Rambo 12: Urban Jungle? Get me the hell out of this lunatic truck. I get out of the bus and look around.Oh HELL NO! Those are NOT zombies. That is some leperous chain gan, prolly an STD from their gang-bangs. It CAN’T be zombies, what’s that 6* of them at the front of the bus, then I going *BACK. As I turn an start running Jack is duct taping th e door shut behind us, that’s gonna suck for knife tosser and duffel perv. Off I go down the street, I think Angel was headed to the other side, but right now we need to ge away we can re-group at a safe distance. Then I see the other 4 coming at me from behind the bus. I duck down a side ally and run for my life. One of them notices. Damn, not good, disease ridden chain gangers, and Im stuck hauling the gear. Maybe if I can round the corner out of the ally I can lose him, or find somewhere to hide. Oh god, he’s caatching up. Maybe we ARE gonna die. Run FASTER! I come around the other side of the ally and turn to my right headed back up the street away fromt he bus, The zombie chain-banger is feet behind me, not gonna hide, that’s for sure. So I keep running, I run the length of the store backs and see another ally to my right, going back to the road where the bus is. Ah, screw this. Maybe Jack or Angel is over there running, we HAVE to be better off together at this point, Im heading back to th group.

Down the ally I go, I feel wind on my neck periodically and the thing is trying to grab me from behind NO! No. HELL NO! I’m getting gang-raped by some messed up, disease idden, chain gang zombie horde! The open street is in sight, all I have to is get in the open and try to out maneuver him. As I reach the end of the all Rambo flies down the street past the allyway. Good, at least someone is getting away- HOLY CRAP! 3 of those nasties just raced past behind Leatherrambo. Bad news for him, less chasing me except… It dawns on me that if I keep running I’m goign to plow into said group of 3 zombies, and still have the one that’s chasing me. Screw that, I’m goona try to do something unexpected. This worked in a movie once. Let’s pray and hope it works for me “Specticals, Testicals, Wallet, Watch” signing the catholic crossing ritual I stop, plant my foot firmly one step aheado f me, twist and shove with everythign I’ve got into the rancid, squishy monter behind me trying to knock him out of my way so i can go back the way I came.


OW! It didn’t budge, it does look surprised though, at least its standing their staring at me with it’s head cocked instead of clawing at me. That probably won’t last long. Hey the other group are past now! Unit, ABOUT FACE! I spin on my toeas again and dash out into the open street, hang a right and head Back to the bus, hoping for police, fire, amulance, something, anything. Now that I’ running again Mr. Squishy seems to remember what he’s supposed to do again and is behind me, and you know; the feel of chains snapping against you cloths as they mis ur skin my less than inches really stings, does wonders for inspiration too. If I’d had this kind of inspiration back in highschool i might have been a track star instead of a computer geek. Nearing the bus I don’t see duffel perv, I don’t see Jack, I don’t see butt-nasties, I don’t see Angel, I’m screwed.


a cannon erupts inside the bus. Wind on my face, heat traveling down my legs, squelching sounds behind me as the THING gets hit. Oh my god, Oh my God! OH My God! OHMYGODWE’REALLGONNADIE! I wet myself. Something just shot a GUN in MY direction. SOMEONE Just fired at ME. Someone almost hit me witha gun. SOMEONE SHOT THAT THING AND IT DIDN’T EVEN FLINCH! I duck around to the street side of the bus, duck around a tire as I’m running along the underpinning towards the front of the bus, butt-nasty still all up on my rear. I round the front of the bus, dash past the windshield and hear a second cannon explosion, they shot at me AGAIN! More squelching as the Mr. Boogernasty takes his second hit of the night, there a muffled exclimation inside the bus I don’t feel the chain giving me sex spankings anymore, but now there’s 2 more of those things running back up the road from behind the bus. I don’t know what the El is behind and there’s two more coming up ahead of me, there’s an alarm from somewhere downt he street, gues someone decided to alert the cops, damn slow reaction time, it’s been what 2 mintues? WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE! I’m running out of places to run. Looking around I see that i’m standing beside the bus roof facing a department store window from, taking a deep breath I draw back with the hand carrying my aluminum case containing my tool kits and sling it through the glass storefront, shattering it and setting off the second alarm. Not waiting to see what’s else is happening I jump through the, now open, window and dash down the center isle. Behind me I hear crunching glass and glance back to see a zombie butt-nasty leap in behind me. Give me a BREAK! Another one? What the El am I? I can’t keep this up much longer. I’ve already got frigid-hot knives stabbing my lungs and a cramp in my side and legs. Okay, can’t keep running, have to end this, but not here. Wait, I’m in the mens denim department, might as well cret some obsticles and try to find some cover to defend myself. I yank a clothing rack over on it’s side to trip the thing up, I’m not sure if it noticed much or not, but I have a bit more brathing room as I duck into the back storeroom. There’s a big bay door that down and several shelves. I don’t have time to ope the door so I duck behind a shelf and draw my pistol. Jack always laughed at me for carrying a weopon, better to have a weapon than to run out of the back of a bus screaming we’re gonna die like a little girl. Guess I should laugh now. Might scare that thing, can’t breath enough to laugh, oh well. Just steady your hands on the shelf and watch that door.

tic tic TIC TICK

Nasty-butt isn’t coming in. (I’m not going back out). So I go and unlock the bay door, hope out into the foggy night. I just now realise that it’s been foggy the whole friggin time, I just haven’thad time to notice it, foggy and….perfumed? What is that? Rosewater? Lavender? Sage? No…it’s…JASMINE! Jasmine? Is that a native flower? Is it late enough inthe spring for flowers? That’s not right? I need to ge back to J&A. I slowly and cautiosly walk back around the side of the building, up an ally and back to the road. Coming around and up on the bus, I see someone laying on the ground behind the bus, diesel fuel is ouring on their back out of the tank, looks like Jack but not positive yet; and there’s a Mr. Butt-nasty fighting with Leatherrambo next to a black crown vic. Rambo drives a luxery car these days? Don’t get me wrong the man’s earned it, but damn getting soft in his old age. I can’t get to Jack throught he fighting, so i pull out my camera and do the only thing I can think of at the moment, take pictures of the evil zombie chain gang butt-nasty. I’m getting some awsome shots, clearly exposed brain, maggots in the open flesh sores, bullet holes still oozing a gelatinous looking blood. This stuff i gonna be great on the website, as soon as we figure out what’s going on. Duffel-per is coming up from the front of the bus with a gun, I hear a familiar soundin cannon blast and realise he was the guy trying to save my rear from inside the bus earlier. He has bite marks and bruises. Between the two of them the last Butt-nasty collapses, I run over for some close up shots, and go arond to get the other corpses. Their gone, so is business suites briefcase. That makes me very sad for some reason. I wanted to know what he had that was so important he though zombies were out to get him. I puzzle of the abscence of zombie corpses for a second then realise the Jasmine smell is fading and the fog is clearing, Angel is pulling Jack out of the firerock-water nd trying to dry him off. Duffel-perv is discussing his oddly square bag wit Leatherrambo and we seem to be agreeing that we all NEED whatever isin that briefcase and that we should leave here. Leatherrambo is offering to ake us to his garage and let us catch out breath. NOt sure if it’s a good idea, but I can’t think of anything else to do right now, and my legs are begingin to shake. Not sure how much longer I’m gonna stay on my feet as I realise how much i’ve run and how tird and sore I’m getting. So into the crown vic we go, Rambo doesn’t use a key to start his car, that would bother me if I was less exhausted….Worry bout it after the zombie bit is explained, order of operations here. Just like math, Priority first, parenthasies, then multiplication and division BEFORE we worry about th symple stuff like adding and subtracting. I need a nap.

Calvin’s Journal- April 12, 2009

Day one 03:30 Billings MT
Day one billings MT

Joey droped me a line today, told me that we needed twelve cars by the end of the week processed for a mid sized shipment to L.A. just like Joey to leave me hanging with an order like this! Waiting till the last min was always Joey’s M.O He even offered to come with me to get the last unit, What a joke like i need a sniveling coke head following me around while I’m working. What ever I took the bus this time no point having to leave my car at the boost site. Billings bus route would have taken me right where I need to go this time too bad we had a hitch in the plan. I was kicked back in the back of the bus when I hear the driver shout somthing about some one being in the road. Next thing I know i’m laying in the aisle of the bus watching the world tilt as we turn over on our side. Great, time to get scarce not gonna talk to the cops tonight. Some suit in the middle row starts screaming “They found me oh god they found me” Yeah buddy it’s all about you I think as i dust glass off my jacket. I have just enough time to glance around for the first time at my fellow travelers before the glass in the front of the bus explodes and a pair of hands yanks the driver out the window. Well thats not a good sign. Drinver screams like he’s getting a colonosocpy with no lube. Guy in the suit starts screaming for help out the window he goes in a panic. Good luck pal I’m out of here. I run for the E-Exit. I see the other four passengers doing the same , funky looking group two what looks like computer programers some dude in a leather jacket with a duffle bag and a guy with what looks like dinner plates for eyes. We jump out the back door into the thickest fog I’ve ever seen. looking away down the road I see four punks standing in the fog, rough looking guys chains and pipe in hand looks like a post apocoliptic welcoming party. No problem man, I got to split I run for the front of the bus six more up here. Shit problem man. Four punks come at me, I throw a knife take one in the forehead he don’t fall. Big problem man. I scuffle with four drop two take a chain to the face and decide to rabbit. lets hope they trip on thier chains. On the way out I see guy in a suit dead in the street brief case tipped over in the street. I’ll be back for that don’t know why but I get the idea I need it. What the hell? What ever, They can’t catch me I ditch the punks and boost a ride somthing simple I need to get back and get that case. I gas it back to the bus still thick ass fog, I see only one of the passengers still accounted for drop from a chain swing to the head. Well I’m here now anyway maybe he had the case I roll up and pop a slug into punks one and two they drop passenger is dinner plate eyes he’s out but alive. three more survivers come out of the mist battered and busted but alive. Looks like duffle bag has the case in his bag he plays mime and i invite them back to my shop. What the hell I need the case and they might know whats going on. be sides I need an asprin any way.

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Every campaign gets an Adventure Log, a blog for your adventures!

While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it’s not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog!

The Adventure Log will allow you to chronologically order the happenings of your campaign. It serves as the record of what has passed. After each gaming session, come to the Adventure Log and write up what happened. In time, it will grow into a great story!

Best of all, each Adventure Log post is also a wiki page! You can link back and forth with your wiki, characters, and so forth as you wish.

One final tip: Before you jump in and try to write up the entire history for your campaign, take a deep breath. Rather than spending days writing and getting exhausted, I would suggest writing a quick “Story So Far” with only a summary. Then, get back to gaming! Grow your Adventure Log over time, rather than all at once.


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