Three relic hunters a stunt man and a mafia transporter stumble across a strange box that they can’t seem to part with convinced of it’s value and unable to come to an agreement of who to bring it to it’s not long before the box’s true owner comes looking for it and them. The owners of the box strike at night always preceded by a thick cloying fog that smells vaguely of jasmine it seems they can find the adventures at will and have little concern for the lives of those unfortunate enough to get in the way. Disaster strikes the party as combat ensues seeking information on what they found in the box, the party runs to the north headed for an informant. The informant’s house is distroyed in a epic battle with a minotaur that leaves two party members dead, the informant missing in action, and the remaning three members seeking both revenge and the much coveted box. In thier quest for revenge the party encounters two people who seem to be tied to their present situation. A criminal the brother of the lead relic hunter, and a young acrheologist girl. As luck would have it the girl is found out to be tied to the orb in a way that allows her to track it. They travel to the city of Raynesford where they find the orb guarded by a huge number of cult members. they suffer a violent attack in the street outside the house that sends the entire party to the hospital. While they are there a strange man contacts them and explaines what has happened and what the orb is.

Foggy Nights

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